My name is Dylan Wreggelsworth[0]. I'm an independent designer, developer, advisor, and consultant.

I am interested in sci-fi[1], flight, game design, military history, fine art, music[2], motion graphics[3], 3D design, pixel art[3], programming[4], and long boarding[5].

I think Blade Runner is cool.

I still have a Commodore 64[5].


A few friends and I began operating under the brand BVR in 2008. It alludes to the term "Beyond Visual Range"; a category of weapon which operates over the visible horizon, and reflects an intention to create things that show vision beyond the obvious or immediate. In some places you will see the term "BVR Group" which reflects a capability to gather a team of skilled talent around a project should the need arise.

In Development

An interactive light and music box for iOS. Record and perform. Share it with the world.
Air Combat Guide
The first in a series of illustrated guides to help history and gaming enthusiasts learn historical combat tactics.
WT Radar
An iOS tool for the popular WWII game War Thunder. Players can see their teammates and new enemy contacts on a clear, futuristic radar style overlay.


This is a brief summary of what I'm personally capable of. If a given job requires more, I have a broad talent network to pull from.

Product Design
My work has been seen in Apple commercials, FCC hearings, and on desktop software the world over. UI/UX Design, and Icon Illustration are where I got my start, but the most interesting design problems are not constrained to a particular medium or discipline. I've helped people define their initial product as well as design and build it.
iOS Development (Swift/Obj-C)
The recent release of Swift has made iOS development an absolute pleasure. I have experience with Game programming, UIKit oriented apps, and OSX Tool design.
Data Visualization
Pitch decks, census reports, dashboards, data driven VFX. Good design can bring clarity to a project.
Front End (JS, Ruby)
The majority of my work over the years has been web-centric. From marketing oriented projects to full featured products.

Hire Me

I've worked for fortune 500 companies, agencies, boutiques, a myriad of startups, and as an independent consultant.

If your project is a good fit I'm available for short or long term consultation.


In the past I lived in Mountain View, CA and did a lot of local consultation, and as the majority of my contracts did not require being local, I moved to the east coast and continued to encourage this remote trend. Though I prefer remote, for the right projects, I can travel to meet and work with you in person. Expenses will need to be covered in advance and daily rates will apply while traveling.


I do not perform spec work. It's destructive to everyone.

I do not sign NDAs if given a choice. They are rarely enforceable and starting with an air of mistrust rarely makes for a great project. If your job does require an NDA there is a $1000 fee to sign it. If confidentiality is key, my consulting agreement includes a section covering that as well as intellectual property assignment.